Facial Cleansing System – Improve the Look, Feel and Health of Your Skin

Importance of a Facial Cleansing System

As you go through your day your face is continually exposed to debris; dust, dirt, bacteria, viruses.  You also have a build up of old dead skin cells and oil.  All these things can clog the pores in your skin and create an unhealthy mask on your face. Without washing and cleansing your face daily, these impurities would continue to build up, masking the fresh and youthful appearance of your facial skin.  The look, feel and health of your skin is affected.

Products you may use on your face would be impaired as far as effectiveness and absorption.  They could not penetrate the layers of debris that have accumulated.  This excess debris and oil clogs the pores in your skin, creating large visible pores.  Moisture products you may use would not reach the skin, but would create an additional layer on top of this mask.  Therefore, skin would lack hydration.  Dehydrated facial skin is rough, dry, wrinkled and aged looking. This is why a good facial cleansing system is important.

Proper facial cleansing, clears the pores and impurities from your face.  It preps your face for the use of those products that will penetrate and hydrate. Any cosmetics used will look smoother and more radiant.  Old dead skin cells will be washed away.

Clean facial skin is a must for maintaining a young and healthy appearance with a radiant, youthful glow. That is why it is important to develop a daily facial cleansing system.

Starting with the Right Products

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There are many different facial cleansing products available.  Not all products may be right for your skin.  Consider your facial skin:  is it dry, oily, combination, broken out or sensitive.  Choose your product based on what you feel your skin type is. Also you will want to choose a product that is pH balanced.

For dry skin you will want to stay away from alcohol based products or facial scrubs as they will encourage more dryness.  You will want to choose a more creamy cleanser.

For oily skin make sure the cleanser is oil-free.

If you are bothered with break outs there are cleansers that contain salicylic acid or hydrogen peroxide.

If your skin is sensitive you will want to stay away from products that contain irritants like salicylic or glycolic acids, hydrogen peroxide, added fragrances, You may want to consider products that contain aloe or chamomile. If you have very sensitive skin you might check with your dermatologist or immunologist about testing for different sensitivities.

If you have normal skin, most cleansers will work for you.

Choosing the right products is Step One in choosing your facial cleansing system that will improve the look, feel and health of your facial skin.  .

Using the Correct Technique

There are many different cleansing tools available today, with new products appearing everyday.  Most people have grown up using a washcloth and soap to cleanse their face.  Despite growing up with this technique, it is usually not the best.  Washcloths have a rough surface and we tend to lather and scrub our face.  Maybe leaving it irritated and red.

Not the TLC we are trying to accomplish for our facial skin.

Facial cloths that lather and become a moist towelette offer a more tender cleansing method. Some contain soap and others a soap and a moisturizer. These do a good job removing impurities and makeup from our skin.

Neutrogena® offers excellent facial cleansing products to fit all needs:  Deep Cleaning and Purifying, HydroBoost Moisture Enhance, Naturals, Foaming and Oil-Free products.

Neutrogena® is a brand of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies. It is the #1 dermatologist-recommended skincare brand.

There are also brushes available for cleansing. They use a sonic technique to oscillate while you apply your own cleanser.  The brush head is available from soft to more firm.  Your cleanser lathers and the brush head removes dead skin cells and impurities from your skin while unclogging your facial pores.  For dry or sensitive skin using a brush may be too harsh.

Clarasonic® offers brush heads that customize to your specific needs:  Daily Radiance, Sensitive, Acne Cleansing and Deep Pore; as well as several different styles of cleansing devices.

Clarasonic is the #1 dermatologist-recommended cleansing brush.


A favorite of mine is the the Silicone Pad with tiny silicone bristles. You apply your choice of cleanser.  Very effective for removing dead skin cells, cleansing pores and does a good job removing dirt and oil.  It is gentle enough to use to remove dry, flaking skin. You control the pressure. I noticed an immediate difference in my facial pore size after once use.

Silicone pads are inexpensive and can be purchased on

The Results

Once you determine the right cleansing product to use for your type of skin and decide on the correct tool for you, you are definitely on the road to healthier, happier, more youthful facial skin.  A daily regime and you will maintain your facial health and youthful glow as you age.  This is the first step in looking younger.

Continue to check back for additional steps in maintaining health, happy and youthful facial skin.






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